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My heart’s great dreams and desires as a humble Faithful Servant of God serving in our own capacity as Salvation Army officers. Well, I am Captain Jun Apayart soon to be Major, called by God as Officer of the Salvation Army at the age of 22. I had finished my training at the Salvation Army School for Officer's Training at Pasig Manila on May of 1983. Commissioned and Ordained as Minister of the Gospel with the rank of Lieutenant under the Sessional Banner of "Heralds of Hope Session."  Since then, I received an appointment as Corps Officer to different Salvation Army centers all over the Philippine islands.

I am married to Captain Edith Gascon on July 4, 1987. She is a daughter of an Officer, then a Divisional Commander. She graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Social Work.  She was sent to Bangalore in India to be trained in childcare for one and a half-year at the Training Center for Wardens. She worked for 13 years as Matron at the Salvation Army, Bethany Children's Home. The Lord blessed our marriage with two boys, Herald Stephen, 24 years old and Harold Paul, 20 years old.

 In 1986, before I got married, I was forced to leave my Officership because of the girl I fall in love with.  And because Edith wasn't ready yet for Officership at that time, I’ve waited patiently for 13 years until when she finally decided to enter the Training College under the Territory’s flexible training program.  While she was on training, I was very happy that I was already reinstated to my Officership that was in year 2001 and Capt. Edith was commissioned after one year of training with the "Crossbearers Session." 

While serving together as Corps Officers, Edith was privileged after one year to be chosen as one of the delegates to the International Disaster Training Seminar held in Geneva, Switzerland (2003). 

 In 1987 to 1992, while I was out of my Officership, I had still cherished my calling as God's faithful servant.  At that time, while Edith worked as Matron, I joined the ministry of Christian Growth Ministries (CGM), a Christian organization working in partnership with different local churches in different provinces and in the Metropolis.  I served as an Evangelist during our scheduled nightly Crusades.  I had conducted Evangelism and Discipleship seminars to Christian lay workers who came from different Evangelical churches.  I also had the opportunity to work among the street children of Manila as Counselor under the Rescue Ministry of CGM. I had also helped organized Youth Camps, Family Camps and Street Children Camps at Camp Ministry.  I had held series of counseling sessions with women prostitutes working nightly at Red Light district of Ermita Manila under the Lighthouse Ministry.  I was also involved in Prison ministry.  While working in these different ministries at CGM, I had the opportunity to lead a team of foreigners for a Mission Trip under ACTION International, a foreign counterpart of CGM, who came for ministry exposure and involvement with CGM Ministries.

 However in 1992, CGM Ministries were come to its closure.  This time, I joined Philippine Campus Crusade for Christ for their "New Life 2000 Project."  Their goal was to saturate the whole Metro Manila with the Gospel of Jesus Christ using the JESUS Film and the New Life Training Programs.  I worked then as an Evangelist and Jesus Film Team Coordinator.

 In 1993, I was requested to work as an Associate Pastor in one of the Christian Evangelical Church in Mangatarem, Pangasinan. The church grew numerically and spiritually.  Many were converted and baptized.  They were Discipled and were trained to multiply.  But after working for one and a half-year my wife (Edith) has decided to file for an early retirement from the Salvation Army, Bethany Children's Home to engage and explore herself in business.

 And so in 1994 to 1997, we decided to move to her home province to engage in business.  And for me, I was invited by my Christian friend to join him to attend a Church Planting Institute Batch 45 sponsored by The Bible League, Philippines, and there I was trained for Church Planting Ministry.  During these years, I was able to establish two local churches from two different places or Municipalities.

 In 1997 my wife (Edith), after involving herself in the Pastoral ministry where I enjoyed serving the Lord with, she felt that she needs to respond to God's call for Officership.  I was very glad then and thought that God's perfect time has finally come.  We prayed and thought about it until we decided to bring it out to the local church officers and members.  The result was that the whole Local Church Congregation was willing to go with us and willing to become a Salvation Army. 

 We both applied as Christian workers at the Divisional Headquarters with the recommendation of the Corps Officer at the nearby Corps (Hermoza).  And by God's help Edith and I were accepted as Field Sergeants.  Recruit Class was held for the whole Local Church Congregation and after one month, the Divisional Commander enrolled recruits as the First Senior soldiers of Mangatarem Outreach.

 After six months, Edith and I became a Territorial Envoys.  And in year 2000, Edith was finally accepted as Candidate for Officership for the "Believers Session."  

 This now what I felt, I had a great burden and dreams and visions for the Salvation Army in Philippine Territory in the future. And with the great task ahead of me, I wished to see and experience the various ministries of the Salvation Army from different parts of the world, thus, if we will be given the opportunity we would love to serve God with my wife at any capacity available for us at IHQ.

As the Lord tarries and as He continues and spare our lives, Edith and I with our two sons, Herald and Harold, will still have many more years in fulfilling our Commitment to God based on Joshua 24:15 which says,  "As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord."